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An Overview of the Caller ID Feature on Your Phone

Are you getting anonymous calls quite often? There are answers to this problem. The most usual remedy is installing a Caller ID on your phone and catching the culprit red-handed. You can then identify the source phone, along with the owner. Calling Line Identification, Caller Identification and Calling Number Identification are three other names that Caller ID goes by.

The main idea behind Caller ID is to display the number of the source phone before it is received, that is, usually after the second ring. There are display options available for the window. You can set it to display the caller’s name, the name of the person who owns the phone number, or even the picture of the caller. Returning a call only requires you to press a certain button, and they you can start to talk.

A Caller ID is often used for tracking down unwanted calls. Only the phone of the receiving party will function with the Caller ID. But to work effectively, there are three requirements which the phone must have:

> the party receiving the call should have a phone which is able to store an ID-phone application;

> the receiving party’s phone needs to be activated to its full functions; and

> the receiving party should be found in the area of coverage that is able to capture the Caller ID application.

For a more advanced information display before you take calls, there are software solutions that correctly identify callers.

Caller ID can:

> display a custom screen showing the name, number as well as photo of the caller;

> announce the name of the calling party or play a distinct ringing sound that is assigned to the caller;

> send email back to you, telling you that you have a blocked call (includes all important information pertaining to the call);

> play a default message to a specific caller;

> record phone conversations automatically; and

> send and receive faxes.

On the other hand, you may also block unwanted calls on your mobile phones. The moment your Caller ID application is correctly installed, you may now use certain key functions for activating Caller ID blocking. In the same way, you can deactivate Caller ID as well for calls of a certain number using some particular key functions. Caller ID is also typically used in the U.S. to block calls from telemarketers. US residents need to register their personal phone number at the “National Do Not Call Registry,” in which the program will be in effect for five years.

Whether for personal or business use, Caller ID is helpful in doing away with calls you don’t want to take. Of course, you should carefully choose the vendor to buy the software from to make sure that you are satisfied as a user.

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