Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has become a standard to make websites available for desktop computers and mobile devices. This approach enables users to view websites optimally regardless of the type of their device. Users can read and navigate the sites they are viewing easily. Whether they want to stay on the home page or browse the pages, they do not need to resize or scroll too much. In other words, responsive web design allows users to have positive experiences when viewing websites on any devices.what is a responsive website? A responsive website is a website that is created using the above approach. Three elements of a responsive website include fluid grid concept, flexible images and media queries. A responsive website can adjust the layout of websites to meet the size of the monitor. Whether a responsive website is being viewed on a desktop computer or a tablet, it will give users the same optimal viewing experiences.

However, even though responsive web design is suitable for a wide variety of devices, it is not the best approach to provide optimal user experiences. There are some challenges that should be met by this approach including other approaches that are claimed to give a much better user experience.

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