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Tips in Choosing the Perfect Photo Booth Rental for Your Wedding

It has been the time for an increasing demand for wedding photo booth rental. In the past few years, photo booths can only be seen in the shopping malls but now is the time that photo booth evolve since they are almost always present in every wedding reception to capture the moment of the couple and the guests.

This popularity had invited many more people to join the increasing league of photo booth for rent owners.

To ensure a quality service, we have compiled four important details in hiring a photo booth for rent.

1. Fee for Idle time.

Knowing this is very important as it may affect your bill. There are some companies that offer idle time for free in case you wanted to split your photo booth rental time slot. Let us say for example you have a four hour wedding photo booth, you split it into two sessions from 4 to 6 pm then 8 to 10 pm, there are some rental owners that will not charge the idle time anymore as a way of giving a discount to their client. Some vendors do not offer free of charge idle time period, so you must be very keen in this.

One way to avoid idle time is to start the wedding program on schedule and make the vendors set up their booth on time. On the other hand, there are photo booth operators that will charge you the idle time in case they finish setting up until the arrival of the couple in the wedding reception.

2. Booth decoration.

Do you have the final say in the details of the photo booth? Some photo booth operators have their own designer that will work for you and also ask your comment regarding the decoration. Designers for photo booth would love it even better if the couple interacts with the details in the booth.

On the other hand, there are photo booth operators that do not have designer so you will be required to hire one or do it yourself. You may opt to look on their previous work and check on the sample photos to reinforce your decision.

3. Assured time.

Plan B is very important, so you must know if the operator have any back up plan in case worse comes to worst. Wedding photo booth operators must ensure that they can provide a high quality service or else they can ruin the celebration.

In case there are any major error, they must willing to refund a package or at least give a discount.

4. Extra copy.

Asking for an additional copy whether soft copy or printed ones is a practical question so you can be able to include it in your wedding photo album and preserve it for future reference.

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