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The Importance of Your Ketubah Text

Jewish weddings involve a Ketubah which is one of their most important customs. The married couple, in relation to signing of contracts, must sign this in front of their witnesses and rabbi.

The Jewish Ketubah was originally created to protect the woman and her children’s life in the future aside from symbolizing the wedding. This is because in case something not good happens to the marriage such as a divorce or separation, it will take care of the woman with regards to financial security.

The design and the artwork of the Ketubah is important, however, it must also be well considered that it should also be carefully thought out. This is a big part of your marriage life and your wedding day. Though the Ketubah text is not put on priority the way the designs and artworks is but, you should now that it isequally important.

The Ketubah, also known as a marriage contract, is going to be yours forever. Which means you must not only want it to look perfectly but you should also aim for it to be well written and include what you really want to say in the text. In addition, the rabbi must approve it. Before you come up with the decision to finalize your Ketubah text, it is best if you ask advice from your rabbi first.

There are lots of Ketubah that you can find online if you are trying to find one. By doing this, you can choose from hundreds of designs. Be sure to have adequate reading so that you hand an idea of what is out there. You must ask for advice from your rabbi who will be the one to officiate once you find a Ketubah that you and your partner love and chosen to use.

Find the right Ketubah that you and your partner loves but having a text that is different because of the artist is one of the problems you might encounter in this type of contract. For situations like this, the best you can do is to request the artist for the same design of the Ketubah but with the text that you want to put. If you cannot find a Ketubah that you and your partner likes, one of your options is to make your own. This can be seen as a bonding and intimate time between you and your partner for you will be writing this together.

You can ask help from your rabbi with regard to the translation from modern Ketubah or English into Hebrew since this is mostly the used writing used in Ketubah text.

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